Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan 2011: A time for peace or war?

For years, as the US and the so called coalition of the willing carried out mass murders of Muslim people and destruction of the Muslim lands, Muslims have waited for our turn to engage and to fight back. Unfortunately the Muslim leadership lacked faith in God and became impressed by the show of might demonstrated in the invasions and killings and the war crimes that have taken place over the past ten years, and so they never called Muslims to the fight and gave no hope of Muslim survival, or the survival of Islam. Instead they attempted to accelerate immigration to the West and assimilation, thinking wrongly that the solution to the war on terrorism crime was to be for it, rather than against it. Rather than to address the issues that plague the lives of Muslims in the Muslim world, they struggled for more accommodating immigration laws in the West, so they could encourage escape, to the glorious west, where they thought we would all be free.

Along with their repeated condemnations of terrorism, which in fact gave the wrong impression that there was something unique about Islam as a religion that engendered terrorism, they almost daily handed down verbal chastisement of Muslims who would not shut up and accept defeat gracefully. Such Muslims were called extremists and radicals and even worse, conspiracy theorists and terrorists. They were isolated, laughed at, and shut out of the inner Muslim circles where our government was lining the pockets of our intellectuals with cash, a reward their help with secularizing the mosques, and demonizing jihad.

Ten years into the illegal war and it has become clear that the war on terrorism has been lost. Not to Muslims, but to time. Ten years of mass murder and destruction in the Muslim world has only led to moral and financial bankruptcy in the West, while its effects on Muslims has been quite different than what was hoped for and imagined. We are not broken and we are not defeated. We are not frightened and we are not angry. In this ten years God has kept His promise to the Believers, and even though He has taken millions of martyr witnesses from among our ranks, he has blessed us with satisfaction and a taste for jihad. We are no longer interested in immigration and assimilation. We have seen the under belly of the so called great democracies of the West and we see that not only are they soft, they are full of corruption, hypocrisy, demonism and immoral disease. As Satan drove the forces of the arrogant West to more and worse crimes against humanity, God opened the eyes of the believers and asked us to choose. We choose the jihad.

We are freeing our own countries through revolutions, and still Satan will not leave us alone. The Arab puppet governments are also killing the Muslim people, while they attempt in every way to stall our revolutions and to criminalize the revolutionaries, and stay in power. God will take martyrs from among us in great numbers, yet we will have the victory. Allah has called us to beautiful patience, and so we must persist in our revolutions against all odds. Ramadan is the time for completion of the revolutions. They will spread, become more violent and then we will be granted the final victory and the black flags will fly over Jerusalem and throughout the Muslim lands. And our people, our tired, weary and battered and humiliated, heart broken and tired but victorious people, will return home, and together, insha Allah, we will build and create the Muslim world of our dreams.

For now, Satan has organized and prepared his forces for the great battle. We must do the same. As strange as it sounds, considering all of the military equipment, advanced military technology and money that we don’t have, we expect the victory because Allah said in the Qur’an, “Indeed we have granted you (Muhammad) a manifest victory.” Ten years of mass murder and death has immunized us against the pain of watching as our children’s bodies are mutilated, as our women are raped, our men tortured and sodomized, and our parents humiliated and killed. We can only win, because you took our fear.

This Ramadan will not be a time for peace. It will be a time for war. Our enemy is desperate for victory. They cannot walk away from the battlefields where they lost their souls and treasure without one last desperate attempt to finally eliminate Islam, and to kill off the remnant of its adherents, and the descendants of prophets. They are under the spells of Kabbalists, false prophecies and delusion that will drive them to their destruction.

Let the Muslims rejoice in the bargain that we have made. God has purchased our lives and properties and in return He has given us two glorious possibilities, victory or martyrdom, and one certainty; eternal life in paradise. If they incline towards peace, we will also incline towards peace, but if they are firm for war, we will destroy them.