Wednesday, January 21, 2009

NAMAW congratulates Obama; calls for end to war on terrorism

Dear President Barack Obama,

The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) congratulates you on your inauguration as the United State's 44th President.

With heartfelt sincerity we wish you a successful presidency, and we look forward to working with you and the members of your cabinet in a joint effort to get our country, and the world on the path to peace and prosperity.

In our opinion the first step towards that end must be ending the US/Israel war on terrorism.

The US/Israel war on terrorism that began following the tragic attack on our country September 11, 2001 has been a misdirected war to kill people who have been tagged Islamic "radicals" and "extremists." It is a war that is aimed at killing and depriving Muslims and Arabs of human and legal rights.

The US/Israel so called war on terrorism, is a war that is based upon anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and also anti-Islamic propaganda that began to saturate the world media even before 9/11, almost as if an environment of hatred against Muslims and Arabs and Islam was being created purposefully to yield the ugly backlash inflicted upon Muslim and Arab people following 9/11. This backlash includes the war on terrorism.

There is enough proof now, showing that the 9/11 attacks were not carried out by Muslims. There is also enough proof that the religion of Islam does not condone terror, nor does it compel its adherents to act violently, or to carry out acts of terrorism and political violence. There is also widespread belief that whoever did carry out the attacks on 9/11 used Muslims, Arabs and Islam as scapegoats with the hope of dragging the US into what would become an endless and perpetual war whose real aim is to create what the former Bush administration called a New Middle East. A Middle East whose natural resources are controlled by the US and Israel, and whose people are subjugated to Israel, and its indiscriminate violence.

The US/Israeli war on terrorism is an act of collective punishment that has taken the lives of millions of innocent Muslim and Arab people, including 650,000 innocent Iraqi children who were starved to death and who died from curable diseases as a result of an inhumane economic embargo placed upon Iraq by the US, that mimics almost exactly the criminal and inhumane economic embargo that Israel has imposed for 18 months upon the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

The recent Israeli assault on Gaza that has resulted in more than 1000 deaths, mostly women and children, and the almost complete destruction of Gaza's infrastructure is also reminiscent of the US invasion of Iraq, and the destruction that has been wrought upon Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. Ironically none of these countries had anything to do with 9/11, and neither did Palestine.

It is time for the US/Israeli so called war on terrorism to end and for the US and the Muslim and Arab people of the world to begin a new relationship, one that as you stated in your inaugural speech, is based upon mutual respect.

We hope that you will make ending the war on terrorism one of your administration's first priorities along with initiating a US/Muslim dialogue that is aimed at resolving the differences, real and imagined that have led to the present state of regrettable and tragic affairs.

Again we congratulate you on your inauguration, and we pray that it is the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity for the United States and the entire world.

With Best Regards,

Anisa Abd el Fattah, Chairwoman

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It is time to end Israel's criminal assault on Gaza

As the war rages in Gaza so called “moderate” Muslims and their Arab government counterparts are working feverishly to figure out how to reward Israel for its two weeks of carnage in Gaza. The idea that they should focus on ending Israel’s criminal onslaught is lost on these perhaps well intended, but misguided souls. All they can see is an opportunity for Israel to win, and for Hamas to be defeated. In their confused minds and amoral judgment, Israel may not have been justified in killing so many Gazans; still Hamas had no right to fight back. In fact, as far as many of them are concerned, Hamas has no right to even exist. Keep in mind that there is no record of these same people having ever called for a security force to protect the Palestinians. They have never made an effort to insure that the people of Palestine ever had a defender or a security force dedicated to protecting Palestinian rights and life. Now we know why.

Even if you attempt to bring to their attention the fact that negotiating behind the scenes with Israeli intelligence, and operatives while Palestinian children are being burned to death with white phosphorus, and Israel’s Lieberman is calling for an all out nuclear attack on Gaza, is wrong, they argue that the Palestinians cannot possibly win and so the only solution is to give Israel what it wants with a few concessions for Gaza, like an international pro-Israel peacekeeping force. To mention that Israel should not be rewarded for what it has done and should be stopped makes one an “extremist” in their lopsided view. Their objective is to end the war on Gaza by figuring out what it is that Israel wants, and seeing that Israel gets what it wants, in spite of the fact that what Israel is doing is a monumental crime that demands an international military response, similar to the NATO attack on Serbia that allowed the Bosnians relief from a similar onslaught, carried out against them for similar reasons by the late Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.

The only way to end Israel’s violence is for an international force to engage Israel militarily and force Israel to end its attacks on the people of Gaza. This should happen unless the Arab governments want to be faced with riots and revolutions the likes of which have never been seen in the Arab and Muslim world. As for the rest of the world, it seems reasonable to expect that as we stand by and do nothing while Israel continues to slaughter Palestinians that this will eventually result in all out attacks on Jews outside of Israel. This happened after Ariel Sharon’s massacres in the second intifada, and there is no reason to expect that the killing of Palestine will continue without there being some type of similar response.

There have been suggestions that Israel, fully expecting that at some point the international community, or that Muslims will act, has been threatening a repeat of the Masada. This is perhaps what has moderate Muslim and Arab governments working so hard to give Israel what it wants. It does not matter to them that Palestinians are also human beings with equal rights, and that it is wrong to sacrifice Palestinian life to save the lives of Israelis who are threatening to kill themselves unless the world stands by idly while they are allowed to kill Gaza.

Everyone already knows what happened to the Arab governments and the so called moderate Muslims who legitimize their treason and give them moral and intellectual sanction. We understand why they serve Israel. They have been tamed by the war on terror, which is what Israel and their neoconservative movement predicted. But what happened to the US? We have become an unrecognizable place where racial hatred has taken on new proportions, as has religious extremism and hatred. I guess we can thank the likes of John Hagee, Rod Parsley and Pat Robertson for our country’s flirtation with the dark side. Gone are our days as a beacon of light and hope for underdogs and the teeming masses yearning to be free. Those so called men of God are in fact prophets of hatred and death that have led the US and Israel to this juncture in history. They claim that they are espousing God’s prophecy when they call for nuking Palestine and death to all Palestinians, when in fact they are the mouthpieces for the Satan that has possessed them and driven them, and all of those who follow them, Jews and non Jews to absolute evil and madness.

It is time for the US and Europe to decide what they will do about the Holocaust taking place in Gaza.. The choice is not whether to allow Israel to continue, or to stop Israel’s criminal invasion and war on the people of Gaza. The choice is whether they want to stop it, or if they want the war to expand. The situation we are all in is that simple, and also that tragic.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Liars, Liars!, Why Gaza is on Fire

It should be clear now to anyone who follows international events that the Israeli attack on Gaza and the subsequent and ongoing massacre there was a planned event that had, and has broad international support among the so called powers of the world and their lackeys in the Arab and Muslim world.

They have become experts at carrying out such charades, but this time God has not allowed them to fool the people of the world. The streets are filled with people, Muslim and non Muslim, who know that it is these governments, the US, the EU and their so called Middle East Quartet, along with the United Nations, Egypt and other Arab and Muslim countries including possibly Saudi Arabia, that gave Israel the green light to carry out an all out attack on Gaza. This attack and war are aimed at toppling Hamas, traumatizing, demoralizing and terrifying the people of Gaza,and all for the sole purpose of imposing the leadership of the traitor and collaborator Mahmoud Abbas, head of the failed and corrupt Palestinian Fatah faction that the people of Palestine rejected in their national election, upon Gaza.

The news is reporting that the UN has called all international parties to work to transfer power in Gaza to Abbas as a way to end the Israeli aggression on Palestine. Abbas is on his way to New York to receive his crown. Abbas and the UN want us to believe that this is a spontaneous decision that was reached as a last resort effort in their quest for peace with Israel. They are liars. It has always been their plan, along with US and the Quartet, to impose Abbas’s authority upon Palestine, and that is why they recruited and trained a Palestinian security force that is loyal only to Abbas, and that was organized not to protect the people of Palestine or to enforce the Palestinian basic law, but rather it was organized and trained to protect Israel, and the illegal and terrorist Israeli settlers from Palestinians. Abbas’s security forces were also trained to arrest, detain, imprison, interrogate and torture Palestinians, and to recruit and train Palestinian spies, and informants.

For the better part of the past twenty years, the UN in collusion with the US and EU and their Arab quislings in the undeveloped world, have carried out such massacres. This is always their fist step in their regime change schemes and when they want to reconfigure and realign the world to increase their domination and control over any country, or people. We saw them carry out this plan in Rwanda, and in Bosnia and also in Algeria in Chechnya, Somalia and in other places where the people were in any way resistant to their lies and schemes. The of these world powers are all designed for economic exploitation, military domination and political tyranny. These powers are the real axis of evil in the world.

We, the people of the world, who should be able to see now who the real threats to world peace are, must work cooperatively to put an end once and for all to this global conspiracy against freedom and life.

Yesterday US president George W. Bush said that Hamas efforts to defend Palestinian lives are acts of terrorism. The truth is that under the Clinton and Bush administrations the US became a state sponsor of terrorism, and complicit in an international effort to accelerate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, hoping to end the Palestine/ Israel conflict once and for all through military might rather than negotiations, or according to the solution that is provided by international law. The leaders of the US have become little more than war criminals and facilitators of war criminals and they are arrogantly funding and facilitating their god Israel with absolute disdain for US and international law, public sentiment and morality.

The goal of these people has been to eliminate the Arabs and Muslims from Palestine, and other parts of the Arab/Muslim world, and to establish military outposts in that region under the guise of establishing a Jewish Only state, and several supportive Arab and Kurdish satellites. The poor ignorant European Jews who were originally settled in Palestine, were sent there to serve as cover, and cannon fodder for this scheme. They were sent there to be deterrents to attacks or other attempts to dismantle the Israeli military outpost through military operations. That is why they allow Israel to have a nuclear weapons program, and advanced military equipment, supposedly to protect these Poor Jewish lives. It is also why Israel is allowed to use banned and experimental weapons on the Palestinians, because Israel carries out weapons tests as part of their agreement with their partners in war crimes in exchange for exemption from the law.

The Holocaust and the Poor Jews narrative, which is the sentiment behind the Anti-Semitism accusation against anyone who would dare criticize Israel or the Jews, has been a bigger protection for Israel than its US and European facilitators military arsenals. It has staved off all criticism of Israel and any demand that Israel abide by international law. And more importantly, it has been used to argue that no other people have any rights when and if recognizing their rights causes us to say or do anything that is disliked by the Poor Jews.

Theodore Hertzel admitted to the power of the Antisemitism and Poor Jews approach. He knew that public sympathy and opinion could serve as powerful deterrents to exposure and international condemnation of Israel, and would serve Israel better than any amount of independence or military power. Fortunately people are shedding their Poor Jews complexes and fear of being called anti-Semites.

Hertzel has seemingly won his Jewish Only State, and as a result, we have the brutal ethnic cleansing of Palestine, along with numerous massacres and fake peace schemes including Oslo and the Annapolis peace charades that were all aimed at wiping out the Palestinian people in one way or another, and putting whatever few Palestinians who are willing to remain in what will be a symbolic Palestinian state, under the authority of any secular Arab regime, or Arab flunky they can find to play as their water boy.

This is why it was necessary for them to initiate a war on terrorism that is aimed at vilifying and demonizing Islam as a terrorist religion, and all uncooperative Muslims as radicals and potential terrorists. They passed laws that give them the right to kill and detain people whom they call “ticking bombs” or “enemy combatants” people who are in reality simply unafraid of their claims to be all powerful and the sole possessors and controllers of rights. They also passed laws that give them the right to preemptively strike other countries that defy their plots and refuse to participate in their violent schemes to carry out regime changes, and build empires.

Today the people of the world are awake, and we see clearly the unfolding of a Satanic plot that seeks again to massacre large numbers of innocent Arabs and Muslims, and other people for no reason except to terrorize, and ethnically cleanse not only Palestine, but eventually the entire Muslim world and to put those who survive these military onslaughts under the domination of Western, including Israeli power either directly, or through the rule of their puppet Arab governments.

The people of the Western worlds should also realize that they we are not safe from the wicked schemes of these rogue governments and institutions, the US, the EU and their primary facilitator, the UN. Their economic schemes, their increasing political tyranny, and use of domestic force against civilians, are all aimed at bringing their own citizens to their knees to be used as cheap labor, and consumers who have no rights, no freedom, and no choices.

History is no longer a mystery waiting to be decoded. The truth has arrived and falsehood must flee. The future is up to us. We can either continue to bury our heads in the sand out of fear of the truth, or we can embrace these truths and the God who revealed them, and resist the movement of renegade governments and institutions against the rights of people, most especially the right to life.

It is time for the people of the world to decide and to act, “Will the 21st century be the century of consolidation of power and world domination of the satanic forces, or will the people of God and faith resist and fight to establish just societies?” The first test of our will and choice is Palestine. May God guide, help, protect and make us successful.