Sunday, May 20, 2007

Immigration reform bill undermines US Sovereignty and Security

The so-called "Immigration Reform Bill" reforms nothing. In fact it will destroy the immigration apparatus in this country by changing the very meaning and intent of legal immigration to the US.

Before taking an indepth look at the Bill, which everyone has said will be almost impossible to do within the days given before the Bill goes to the Senate floor for a vote, let's look at one of the very obvious deficiencies of this Bill. Has anyone wondered why our elected officials have not pressed either the Department of Justice or the Pentagon to explain to us how the protection and security of our Border became the business of the Department of Immigration? Does it seem to you that certain people may have felt that they needed to put something at stake for the average American in the immigration debate? They put our national security and sovereignty at stake. Would you rather give 12 million or more illegal immigrants amnesty today, or 200 million illegal immigrants amnesty tommorrow? That's the question put before us in this Bill, and also in the immigration debate. How else do you explain placing border security in an immigration bill as part of a compromise?

For some reason I always assumed that protecting our country's borders is a matter of national defense, that should fall under the auspices of the Department of Defense. Instead of our Department of Defense seeking to insure that our national borders are sealed and secure, our elected offcials are using border security as a bargaining chip in an immigration debate. The debate was spawned by a literal invasion through our southern border. They are saying to us in so many words, that they will not secure our southern border unless we allow amnesty for more than 12 million illegal workers who have violated our immigration laws, taken jobs from legal immigrants and our nations low skilled citizen work force, and that is destroyig our Middle class. Illegal immigration is costing the US taxpayer billions in health care costs, and other costs. The guest worker program is a scheme by which hourly farm work and other minimum wage jobs will be given to people who work for less than minimum wage. It doesn't take an economist to figure out what affect that will have on wages in the US. Circuit City's plan to lay off more than 3000 workers and to replace them with people who are willing to work for less is an indication of our future if we allow this Bill to pass. Cities are already walking away from High School graduation, and College Bound programs in minority communities, and in their place minority students are being offered opportunties to work minimum wage, or below minimum wage jobs. This creation of a "sub" labor pool will undermine the American worker and our economy.

We should ask ourselves what would cause our government to act so obviously against its own interest, laws, and people? Perhaps it is the unexplained fires burning across the US, the mysterious factory burnings and explosions along with the gasoline and toxic substance spills, the freak accidents that include school buses, and other acts of terror like the Cho massacre at VT that seem to be ever more frequent, and unsolved.

Today CNN was speaking to the "people of North America." Hilton Hotels released an advertisement campaign that shows two people from different parts of the world cheerfully bringing their lands together and eliminating their borders.

It's pretty clear that the present immigration reform bill is aimed at changing not only immigration law, but also the meaning, purpose and intent of immigration. The Bush Administration's trotting out the Secretary of Commerce, rather than the Secretray of Labor to endorse the new compromise is also very telling.

America is at a crossroads and we must decide our future here and now. Will we remain a sovereign nation ruled by law, or will we become part of the North American Union, surrendering our Constitution, our property and our rights to world governments and transnational corporations, who will create a New World Economic Order where everyone except the wealthy elite, and corporate excutives who are making multi million dollar salaries, with billion dollar pensions, will be poor. In the language of the UN and other global communists, that's called international economic parity, and that's what's being offered in this Bill. A chance for the American worker to work longer, and for less money, or jump fences for a job.

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