Saturday, June 9, 2007

Moral voice of America calls for end to Israeli occupation of Palestine

The world demands an end to illegal occupation, racism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid in Palestine!

Anisa Abd el Fattah

On June 10 and 11, 2007, the people of the United States will gather in Washington DC, the nation’s capital, demanding an end to the 40 year long illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the ethnic cleansing, genocide and apartheid that characterizes this illegal enterprise.

While the governments of the free world continue to betray their trusts to uphold international law, to protect the weak and defenseless against oppression and illegal acts of aggression, genocide and ethnic cleansing, the people of the world are gathering in the major cities throughout the world to demand freedom, and justice for Palestine. It will take more than an opportunistic, and politicized outcry against the situation in Darfur, to mask the blatant hypocrisy and complicity of the EU, the United States, and other governments in the crime of the 20th century, which is the continued and illegal occupation, and genocide in Palestine. We must all ask ourselves how the US government can see so clearly, and feel so passionately about the supposed genocide in Darfur, while it has provided the Israeli with military armaments, and financial support for ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinian people for years, violating international, and even US law by so doing.

The message being sent by world government hypocrisy, and double standards, and their own racism and culpability, is that if you don’t have oil, the governments of the world couldn’t care less about your rights, or your lives, or the law. And even worse, that racial supremacism, and colonialism is still acceptable in the world against the peoples of Africa and the Middle East, especially if you are Arab or Christian, or Muslim.

On June 10 and 11 the people of the US will speak out against racial supremacism, colonialism, ethnic cleansing, genocide and apartheid in Palestine. June 10 and 11th 2007, the balance of power in this conflict will change. The people of Palestine will no longer stand alone to be victimized by the so called “governments of the free world” and their lackeys. June 10 and 11 2007, in Washington DC, the voice of moral America will cry out in solidarity with Palestine in its demand for freedom, justice and an end to the illegal occupation, racial supremacism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide that is all part of a racist and imperialist attempt to re-colonize the Middle East and Africa.

The moral voice of America will also demand an end to the illegal economic boycott of Palestine, that is part of the Zionist campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestine, and the genocide, and colonization that is taking place there, supported by the US, the EU and other governments, including many of the Arab governments. We pray that the strength of this moral outcry in America, which is a part of the larger and stronger international outcry, will soon lead to freedom for the Palestinian people. We also pray that the crimes of the 20th century against these people will be ended, and as a result, and for the first time in 40 years, there will be a real chance for peace for the peoples of both Israel and Palestine.

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