Saturday, November 24, 2007

God v. Mukasey

It should be clear to everyone by now that the US Judiciary is and has been the primary battleground for the Zionist neo-con war against the American people, and especially our government, our Constitution, our minorities and our political and religious dissidents. Ironically it was the US Congress, lead by Feinstein, Schumer and Specter that orchestrated what they might believe was the final turn over of the US republic to the Judeo Christian Zionist forces of Pat Robertson and his Zionist movement. This turn over was staged as an outcry against the former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who was charged with politicizing the Department of Justice in an effort to make it subservient to the Republican Party. It was a brilliant performance aimed at perpetuating the lie that we have two parties in the US and a representative democracy. It was also a very convincing performance that may have even fooled Gonzales who finally gave up and resigned, but only after he perhaps realized that he was not fighting a political battle, Democrats v. Republicans, but rather he was sitting in someone else’s seat. That someone was the Chief Zionist judiciary executioner, the powerful man whom some might call dishonorable, the Robes Pierre of our time, the judge Michael Mukasey.

It seems that Gonzales finally figured it out, after several rounds of Congressional grilling and media beatings, that he was not being forced out of the Department of Justice for sanctioning torture, or violating his oath to protect the US Constitution, nor for Abu Ghraib, or the witch hunt being carried out in US courtrooms against Muslim and Arab political activists and other minorities and dissidents. It seems that at some point, Gonzales either figured out, or someone tugged his coat tail and advised him that he was standing in the way of the complete Judeo Christian Zionist take over of the US republic, and he resigned. Like the synchronized workings of a fine watch, Gonzales resigned and Mukasey was nominated, with a presidential threat to refuse to nominate anyone other than Mukasey, which may have meant that the final stage of the takeover had been reached, and no more substitutes or stalling would be allowed.

Mukasey’s nomination, and confirmation was a perfectly staged event with the Democrats playing their assigned role as protectors of the US Constitution and the rule of law, while the Republicans played their complimentary role, spouting the rhetoric of fear and hatred of Muslims and Arabs and Islam, and war on terrorism, as a cause for abolishing the US Constitution and adopting the laws of the Old Testament, (not the Torah) as interpreted by the Zionist neo-cons in their Talmud and the pro-Israel Christian Zionist pimps who have defiled the pulpits of the United States with their desecration of the Bible and blasphemy against Jesus in support of the illegal and inhumane Israeli occupation of Palestine and Iraq, and their disdain for Blacks and other minorities. .

If the witch-hunt against Arabs and Muslims that began under the Clinton administration with the illegal detention of people like Palestinian activist Dr. Musa Abu Marzook and other Arab and Muslim political activists from Algeria and also Palestine didn’t convince us that our judiciary is neither independent, or just, an 11 year sentence handed down to the Palestinian activist Dr. Abdel Haleem Ashqar November 21st in a federal district courtroom in Chicago Illinois, after he was acquitted by a jury of the charge against him, should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind. In fact it would probably not be an exaggeration to suggest that the Judeo-Christian Zionist movement in the US has successfully taken over the executive branch of the US government, the Congress, and now our judiciary. A temporary state of unfortunate circumstance.

After his confirmation, Mukasey thanked what might be deemed in any other such instance, his co-conspirators, and pledged to wipe out and punish those who have in his words, hurt others with their hatred. This is coded Zionist speech that might mean that Mukasey understands and accepts the assignment, and will act to wipe out all pro-Palestinian activism, criticism of Israel, political dissidence, and opposition to the Judeo-Christian Zionist movement. His job as head of the Department of Justice, which controls not only the courts but also law enforcement in the US, is the perfect instrument to accomplish such a purging. Congress has given him a new thought crimes bill to enforce. The new law, which is set to clear the Senate any day now, is designed to silence anyone who would speak out against their illegal coup, and the Zionist ideologically that is their cause, deeming such dissidents criminal radicals, while criminalizing free speech, and also thinking, all in violation of our US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Under any other form of government this illegitimate Congress, a Congress that is not representative and that has less than a 19% approval rating, would be dissolved and new elections would be held to seat new, and real representatives of the people. Ironically the Constitution that these Congressional charlatans hate and seek so desperately to destroy is the very law and idea that the people of this country love and are sworn to, and is all that keeps this Congress in power. I imagine that even those who would talk secretly of succession from this illegitimate government’s authority are no doubt held back by love of the union, and the people who have been joined as brothers and sisters, and the citizenry for over 200 years of common struggle to perfect the idea liberty and justice for all people equally, and to protect the soil and property that gave that idea a staging ground for what was deemed the great American experiment.

My fellow Americans, a bleak picture has been painted upon the United States canvass, and the true reflection of the Founder’s of this once great country has been erased. This new image, this ugly and idol god, is a picture not unlike the picture of the Russian Bolsheviks that we so passionately hated, so long ago, yet have embraced with such enthusiasm today. It is a picture of our plotted future, which except for faith in and belief in God might cause most of us to tremble with fear, and to faint, and to give up the struggle inherited from our country’s Founders, and the traditions established by them. It is an inheritance of private property and individual rights, and the courage to stand to the last man and woman, in defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to demand our inalienable rights, and liberty and justice for all.

The sacrifice of thousands of our children, killed and maimed on foreign shores, used as sacrificial sheep in a geo-political war intended to expand and to strengthen the empire being pursued by these modern day Philistines, afforded with our own tax dollars, is enough cause to resist.

When the people love their government, because it protects their rights and freedoms, and guides them through just laws nearer to God and to their prosperity, God said in the Holy Scripture that He will love that government, and will bless its people and its land. Yet, when a government becomes an enemy to God and His people, seeking to remove their rights and freedoms, a government that hates justice and upholds evil, and immorality, exploiting and oppressing the people, while robbing them of their wealth in disobedience to God and the civil laws of man, God will curse that government, and it will fall.

Now is indeed the time for all good and true American men and women to come to the aide of our country.

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