Monday, April 21, 2008

Whose values should we live by?

In the mid 90s, when the United Nations unveiled its now infamous Draft Platform for Action, a series of UN recommendations aimed at accelerating implementation of the Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies, the UN simultaneously initiated an international dialogue on values. The Draft Platform for Action was then considered a radically feminist document which aimed to create a global socio-economic order, wherein the people of the new global village, as it was often called, would find little government, or societal resistance to what were termed alternative lifestyles, redefined family structures, and an entirely new globalized system of laws, based upon new values. The Platform also recommended government control of the lives of women and children in the developing world who had been selected by the elite globalists who were running the UN, to serve the industrialization of the underdeveloped world, pretty much in the same way Western women and children had been exploited and enslaved to serve as the cheap labor that fueled the industrialization of the West.

The entire UN women’s empowerment project, was a bold attempt at re-creating the world according to the vision of feminists like Bella Abzug, a former New York politician turned global corporatist and radical feminist ideologue, and those like her, including the newly conservative Hillary Clinton.

In response, traditionally conservative women, and women of faith, supported by Churches and Mosques, and their affiliate organizations, along with the pro-life movement, mounted an international resistance that sought to oppose the Draft Platform for Action, charging that it threatened national sovereignty, national borders, religious and cultural traditions, religious and political freedoms, and most importantly, family values. The elite corporatists who we now blame for outsourcing US jobs, the mortgage crisis, the healthcare crisis, and the transformation of the US from a beacon of freedom to a warmongering Gestapo state, had already written their blueprint for world dominance, and was shopping it through the UN as the Draft Platform. They were already trolling the planet looking for cheap labor, open markets, and wars. It’s important to note here that these same people are also radical and racists’ population controllers, and Eugenicists who recommended government control of family sizes, and also euthanasia of the elderly, disabled and poor. That should invoke memories of Terry Schiavo and Katrina.

Today, as we look at all of the problems plaguing our world, problems that the conservative and religious coalitions had fought so valiantly to prevent, it seems that we lost the battle. What happened instead of a redirection of UN energies, and moderation of its more radically liberal and feminist tendencies, the UN simply learned a new mainstream language, and created a powerful coalition of its own. Along with feminists, ultra left liberals, elite corporatists, and Wall Street, it seems that along the way to the 21st century, they picked up Judeo/Christian Zionists, and also the Executive branch of the US government, our US Congress, and judiciary. As we patted ourselves on our backs for a job that appeared well done, we have reached 2008 only to realize that what few gains we made in the discussion of values and rights, have been lost. As we returned to our families and jobs, and relaxed our opposition, the world began to change in ways that we can hardly explain except to say, for the worse. It seems now that almost everything we had warned against in the mid 90s has come true, including a renewed attack on families, family values, and religious and political freedoms.

The situation now unfolding in Austin Texas is an example of what we warned against. It seems that we have a government in Texas that believes that it can simply take custody of people’s children because it disagrees with what a family believes and its values. The government seems to believe that if they don’t like you for any reason, or what you believe in, or what religion you practice and the tenets of your faith, they can take your children, even if they have to lie to create a probable cause to come onto your private property to take your kids. They also seem to believe that by taking temporary custody of people’s children, that they can subject your children to all types of medical examinations without your permission, or presence. They also seemingly believe that they can violate a family’s right to privacy by taking cells from the children’s mouths for tests, to determine for a public record, who their natural parents are.

Interestingly, one of the major aspects of the Draft Platform was the role that the media would play in facilitating the implementation of its recommendations. Conferences, meetings and workshops have been held all over the world aimed at getting the media involved, and to teach it how to serve the global transformation that has landed us where we are as a country today. Could the new global order be the parent of entertainment news, and celebrity fixation?

Isn’t it ironic that the same types of lying plot that got us into Iraq got the Texas police into the homes of the FLD Mormons in Texas? The federal government had its Curveball, who lied under torture and said Iraq had a nuclear weapons program that was an imminent threat to the US. The Austin government, by comparison, has a misguided African American woman who allegedly called the Austin police claiming that she was a member of the sect who was being abused. In both cases the motivation of the liars seems to be hatred and revenge against their victims, which made them easily exploited by their handlers, and very convincing to us.

The media for its part, rather than seeking the truth so that it could report honestly and fairly, began a propaganda campaign against the aggrieved families, and their religious sect that puts Hitler’s propagandist to shame. On one late night news entertainment program, the news featured an interview with a man who had written a book condemning the leader of the FLD Mormon sect, calling him Hitler, and a white nationalist, and racist. Neither the journalist, or the author took the time to explain to us what being like Hitler, and white nationalism has to do with parental rights.

Just like there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, if the truth is ever told, we are likely to find out that there was no abuse of those Mormon children in Texas. Just like the quagmire in which we find ourselves in Iraq, the government and judiciary in Austin seems to have created a legal and political quagmire for itself as well. What about those 410 children who are suffering a terrible form of trauma and psychological abuse at the hands of the state? The response from the country so far is muted. Perhaps the country is in shock as we watch the unbelievable unfold before our very eyes, again, or maybe an opposing view just can’t get heard. Time to wake up everybody. The future we all feared is here, and so is the Draft Platform for Action.

This is not an endorsement of Mormonism or polygamy. It is an endorsement of parental rights, the rights of families and extended families, religious and political rights, and a condemnation of what is happening to 410 innocent children in Austin Texas.

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