Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NAMAW Condemns Junduallah attacks on Iran, calls for immediate UNSC action


For Immediate Release
Anisa Abd el Fattah

National Muslim Woman's organization condemns terrorist attacks on Iran, calls upon UN Security Council to intervene and end all provocations for war against Iran.
Washington DC-Oct.20,2009

The National Association of Muslim American Women(NAMAW), the United State's first and only Muslim woman's pro-life and pro-family organization condemns the recent Jundallah attacks on the Islamic Republic of Iran, and calls upon the UN Security Council to intervene immediately to end all acts of provocation aimed at provoking war against Iran.

"We see this as an attempt to push Iran into retaliation and a proxy war with groups operating out of Pakistan," says NAMAW Chairwoman Anisa Abd el Fattah. Abd el Fattah went further, saying: "Failing to get outright US and EU approval for an Israeli or US attack on Iran, we see a new strategy for war. This strategy would provoke Iran into a proxy war with Western funded terrorist groups like Jundullah in Pakistan and the MKO, which has found sanctuary in Europe after being removed from Europe's list of terrorist organizations." "It is our position", said Abd el Fattah, "that these attacks represent an attempt to open a new battlefield in the so called war on terrorism, which many Muslims and others are convinced is merely a Western war against Islam and Muslim countries. Since Israel and its neoconservative supporters in the US, could not get US or EU approval for an Israeli attack on Iran under the false allegation of an Iranian nuclear weapon's program that threatens Israel, these interests seemingly have acted to attack Iran through a proxy. We ask Iran to be patient and not provoked, and to give time for the international institutions to carry out their obligation to do what is necessary to protect innocent civilian life from such attacks and to preserve peace."

We are also calling upon the UNSC to take the steps necessary to address this criminal act against the people of Iran, and to end all such criminal activity against Iran. The UNSC must act to prevent a proxy war that will likely escalate into a full blown war between Iran and the West, and possibly World War III. NAMAW is also calling upon all anti-war NGOs and organizations to step up their activism and to demand that an immediate investigation into these attacks be initiated in preparation for holding those who are responsible accountable before the International Criminal Court.

Finally, NAMAW is calling upon Muslims throughout the world to avoid being exploited by those who claim to be Islamic groups, but who act in the interest of the enemies of Islam. "We should not allow our personal sentiments or religious differences to cause us to assist our enemies as they escalate their war on the Muslim world. We must be wise," said NAMAW's Chairwoman. "The Qur'an teaches us to condemn injustice, even it causes us to be against our own selves. We must not allow the common enemy of Muslims everywhere, to use such crimes to split the international Muslim community and to turn us one against the other. We must stand steadfast for justice, and discourage internecine Muslim conflicts at all costs. We should have learned from our enemy's strategy in Iraq, not to allow sectarianism to split and destroy Muslims.

Until Muslims have functional international institutions of our own to protect our interests, we must encourage the international institutions that exist to act for the benefit of mankind, and to avoid war and to punish illegal and unjust acts of violence. We are also calling upon all Muslim organizations and institutions throughout the world to condemn this criminal attack on Iran and demand an end to all Muslim against Muslim violence.

We send our sincere condolences to the people of Iran as they mourn their losses and express our deep regret over these unfortunate events. Our hearts go out to them in their grief. May God guide and protect us all.

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