Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AIPAC talks, Congress listens, the US sacrifices

An e-mail circulated the Internet today, February 13, 2007, saying that a Congressman named Ackerman, a Democrat, has organized a Congressional sub-committee hearing on US Middle East Policy. His list of witnesses is disheartening, it includes the regular AIPAC minion, Martin Indyk, Daniel Pipes, Washington Institute on Near East Peace, et al. In other words, AIPAC will again come before our US Congress to dictate US foreign policy in the Middle East, and particularly in respect to the Palestine/Israel conflict, and the US taxpayer, Israel's sacrificial lamb will foot the bill for the hearing, and also pay the price for the policy in blood and treasure.

Interestingly, today is also the day that the US House of Representatives began its debate on the Iraq war, and the President's escalation of the war with the insertion of 21 thousand additional combat troops, and perhaps another 20 thousand or so support troops, totaling approximately 41 thousand new troops to go to Iraq to do what? Oh, yeah. They are going to secure Baghdad, and some other more remote areas where insurgents have supposedly taken over and created bases of operation. No one has explained to us yet, how the military can distinguish between insurgents, sunni or shia death squads, or mere citizens of Iraq who might be opposing what they believe is an invading and occupying foreign military. That we are sending additional troops into this fiasco is proof that whoever is running US Middle East policy is stupid as hell. The only other explanation is that they just don't give a damn about the lives of US troops, the US taxpayer's money and opinion, or our supposedly democratic system of government. This is the more likely explanation. They argue that the President is commander in chief, which is true. He is the commander in chief of the military. The United States, lest they forget, is not ruled by the military, it is run by the American people, who elect a civilian government to administrate our affairs, and the Commander in Chief of the military, when it comes to the United States generally, is merely a public servant. So much for the Imperial presidency concocted by AIPAC. You don't have to be a lawyer or a Constitutional expert to know that the US can never be ruled by the military, and that our Presidency is not rolled neatly into a single bundle during war time that makes him a military commander ruling the US like Hitler ruled Germany. In respect to the military he becomes commander in chief, in respect to the American people, he is an elected official that is sworn to uphold and to protect our Constitution, and to administrate our, not his personal affairs, nor the affairs of his friends, and cronies, or AIPAC. In democracies the majority rules, and today, according to credible polls, 67% of the American people say it's time to bring our troops home, and our elected President, who is the commander in chief of the military, should listen to his countrymen and women, and abide by their will.

You might be asking now, what any of this has to do with Congressman Ackerman's Congressional sub-committee hearing featuring AIPAC as the only witness, disguised as several witnesses, most notably Daniel Pipes, and Martin Indyk. If you get woozy and sick at the stomach just thinking about how our government lied and tricked us into Iraq to appease Israel, and then had the audacity to send our President to call for more American human sacrifice to destroy Israel's challengers in the Middle East, after already killing more than 3000 American children, and maiming many more, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis we have killed, you will pewk when you imagine that Ackerman has convened this hearing to get the US further involved in the Palestine/Israel conflict. It's not enough that we have shredded our Constitution, by denying the basic civil rights of Muslims and Arabs in our country to support Palestine, Israel wants the US to put US boots on the ground in Israel, and billions of more US taxpayer dollars. Of course in return we get more promises of peace, that are as likely as their promises of victory in Iraq. Anyone who knows and understands Israel's goals in respect to the ME, recognizes this proposed sub-committee as the next step in a campaign to expand US involvement in the ME to include war with Iran and Syria, and US, rather than Israeli occupation and subjugation of Palestine. Ackerman, a Democrat is an example of how AIPAC has poisoned our Congress, and why our country cannot shake of its slavish posture in respect to Israel, so long as our Congress is AIPAC's mouthpiece and puppet.

Any American worth their salt should be outraged. We must end AIPAC's control over our government, and its dictation of US foreign policy in the Middle East. Ackerman makes ir clear that we cannot expect the help of our government in that respect. We should consider that our government is a captive that can't be freed by mere voting for either Democrats or Republicans. It is time for a third, AIPAC prohibited, independent party in the US, and it might also be time for the US judiciary to get involved in US policy making, determining what aspects of our policies are Constitutional, and what aspects clearly are not, before they are implemented. US complicity with Israel in its illegal occupation of Palestine, and its genocide in Palestine, clearly violates the Geneva Conventions, to which the US is a signor. It's very strange that the US and Israel are pressing the Palestinian Authority to recognize all past agreements between Israel and the PLO, when neither Israel or the US will recognize the Geneva Conventions, which is a body of international law that is recognized by, and was signed by almost every country in the world.

I hope that on the day of Ackerman's hearings, that Americans will be in the hallways of Congress protesting this travesty, and that the streets outside the Congress will be filled with the families of US soldiers and Marines who will say no more US human sacrifice for Israel,no more money for Israel, and peace in the Middle East. It is also my hope that we, the people will not wait until November of 2008 to make our voices heard as to who will lead our country. We must start now to construct a new government forum, a new third party of patriots that will stand up against the Democrats and the Republicans, an advocate American independence not only from Israel, but also from AIPAC, and anyone who puts a foreign government's interests over our Constitution, and the will, and rights of the American people.

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