Friday, February 2, 2007

Who will save the West from itself?

American collaboration with Israel and the rest of the Western powers in the ongoing genocide in Palestine is criminal and wrong. The only thing more disgraceful is that all of the Western powers, and also the UN, will convene here in the US to discuss a solution to the suppossed problem created when the Palestinians elected a Hamas dominated government. Is Hamas the cause of the problems that plague the Middle East? Why didn't these same powers convene to discuss what the world should do in response to the American people electing a Republican or Democrat government? Both have done little more than fleece the American taxpayer, kill our children in illegal wars, and give our daughters plenty of contraception,or abortion, and our old men Cialis. Well, actually they have done more. They have also created chaos in one of the most important regions of the world, while simultaneously killing millions of innocent civilians (many more than Hamas)and calling them, "collateral damage." This meeting is as ridiculous as the White House event, wherein the newly elected German Chancellor came to the US to call for Western unity in condemning Iran for saying that there are discrepancies in the holocaust history. While she was condemning Iran, some weirdo was waiting to be heard in an Italian court, where he planned to challenge the Church's claim that Jesus existed as a historical figure. Can you imagine, she wanted the Western world to unite against Iran for challenging holocaust exaggerations. She couldn't care less about a legal challenge to the existence of Jesus. Even though she leads one of the great Christian nations, she didn't call for Western unity in defense of Christ. She called for Western unity in defense of the holocaust story, and Jewish pride.

The media is reporting that the ultra Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu and his ilk are telling the Western nations that they must come together in defense of everything Israeli and Jewish since anti-Semitism is supposedly on the rise. They say anti-Semitism is threatening again as in World War II, to manifest as another holocaust. What garbage. What about the genocide being perpetrated by Israel and the Western powers against the Palestinian people? Who should unite in their defense? Perhaps Israel should ask "why" anti-Semitism is growing, and the US should perhaps ask why anti-Americanism is also growing, along with growing discontent right here in the states.

The US made a big mistake when it turned our intelligence gathering, and foreign policy making over to the Israeli government and their counterparts operating here in the US, including AIPAC. They have killed more than 3000 American children, and maimed and tormented many more, in a plot that is so ridiculously stupid that no one can even talk about it. Their war on terrorism, their war in Iraq, their pre-emptive strike doctrine, their torture, their lies, and their other crimes against humanity like the genocide in Palestine are an embarrassment to the Western world, or should be. They have perhaps squandered billions in US taxpayer money, and stolen billions more, skimming off of American pension funds, and have been stealing from reconstruction projects in Iraq. They have derailed the credibility of the US government, and destroyed American prestige and influence in the world. Now they want us to send 40 thousand more of our children into Iraq to die, and also to attack Iran either along with them, or in their defense. This all seems just fine with our so-called representative government that gets bigger, and less representative of American sentiment, and more representative everyday of the Jewish sentiment, which is morally skewed, self absorbed, violent and also self destructive.

So the big question today is, "who will save the West from itself?" Who will save us from the people who call themselves Western "leaders" yet they have forsaken their obligation to their own people, countries and children in order to appease a foreign power that has given us nothing but headaches. This foreign power, while demanding our money, our children's lives, and also our honor and our pride, has also sought to undermine our Constitution. Our "ally" has left us nothing, not even the illusion of independence and power. They have enslaved the American worker, who now works more hours per day for less money than almost any other worker in the industrialized world, yet can't get affordable health care, housing, or a pension. They have poisoned our people with drugs and pornography and sexual addictions and crime. They have broken up our families, and caused fear and suspicion to weaken our communities. These are the people who will convene in Washington to decide the fate of the Arab and Muslim world, beginning with Palestine. These are the people who will decide what to do about Hamas, as though Hamas is what is plaguing the world. Who will save Palestine from us, and who will save us from ourselves?

If we are lucky, the people of the United States will stop shopping, and start listening. If we are lucky we will stop eating, and try to understand what is happening to our country, and what is being done in the world in our names. Whereas our government is a joke, we, the people, can salvage the great American experiment simply by upholding our Constitution, and demanding that it be adhered to. We must save ourselves, from ourselves, by turning to the past and giving new life to our Constitution. It is an idea and a testament to independence, freedom and equal rights. It is the threads that stitched together the souls of these 50 states, and though often strained, had never been completely torn except once, resulting in a civil war. Will we wait for our country to become like Iraq or Palestine? Occupied, drained and stripped of its resources, its wealth, and power, and like the Palestinians, will we start killing one another to curry favor from enemies? Wake up America!

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