Thursday, March 4, 2010

There is no peace in Palestine

Word is that Washington and the other Western and European powers are happy that former PA president Mahmoud Abbas will be involved in what they are calling indirect talks with Israel. What a sham. Mahmoud Abbas is no longer president of the PA and is barely holding onto power in Fatah, where he was threatened with ouster just months ago. Abbas is a Palestinian leader who has the unique distinction of being drenched in the blood of his own people, on whose behalf he will pretend to negotiate. In fact, one might suspect that his being drenched in Palestinian blood makes him the perfect peace partner for Benjamin Netanyahu, who we all know is also drenched in Palestinian blood. That blood includes the fresh blood of Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Mabhouh, who was assassinated in January by an Israeli hit team in Dubai. This has obviously upset Abbas so much, that his participation in indirect talks will supposedly begin this week, rather than after Dubai’s police chief issues the arrest warrant he has pledged to issue for Netanyahu’s arrest in relationship to the Dubai murder.

The fact that the two peace partners are not men who care the least bit about Palestine and who could care even less about the Palestinian people is not the biggest problem with the so called indirect negotiations. The biggest problem is that they are again claiming to be negotiating peace, when everyone knows there is no peace to negotiate in Palestine. Israel, knowing that Abbas was chomping at the negotiations bit, even though he pretended to hold out for an Israeli halt to illegal settlement building which everyone knew was not going to happen, has been very busy preparing for the talks by grabbing up more Palestinian land, even laying claim to Christian and Muslim holy sites under the false claim that the sites are part of the Jewish heritage of Israel. Netanyahu knows what Abbas ignores, and that is that whatever he takes prior to negotiations is non negotiable, and Israel’s European and US patrons will never force or pressure Israel to give up anything of the land that it claims as its Biblical right, even if that land is under the religious sites of other faiths, whose existence dates back centuries ago.

With Netanyahu doing everything in his power to confiscate as much land as he can prior to the so called indirect talks, Abbas’s role is already limited. What will he negotiate? It’s obvious that these talks are not about Palestinian land, or even a state, all things that Israel has either already taken or already refused. So what is the point of these indirect negotiations? The purpose of these indirect talks is to decide how to complete the continued ethnic and religious cleansing of the West Bank and Jerusalem through a negotiated agreement with Mahmoud Abbas, and his Fatah movement whose membership now includes two Zionist Israeli Jews who have inroads into the Israel government.

Netanyahu has said that he wants Jordan to be involved in all subsequent talks which means that he is ready to introduce John Hagee’s and the other Christian Zionist’s proposed solution to the crisis in Palestine, which is to further ignore the Geneva Conventions and to transfer the Palestinians from the West Bank and Jerusalem to Jordan. Funny don’t you think how Jordan keeps popping up in these final solutions proposed by Israel for their land grabbing schemes? First Palestine, then Iraq, and now back to Palestine. Makes one wonder why Israel thinks Jordan is willing or even interested in becoming an Israeli proxy authority over Palestinians and Iraqis displaced by Israel’s maneuvers to reconstruct what it deems Greater Israel.

It’s also important to note that the Palestinian people themselves are not interested in either direct or indirect talks with Israel. Most, if not all of the other Palestinian factions, who represent two or three times the number of Palestinians represented by Fatah, and who feel that they are not represented adequately by the PLO, are opposed to any negotiations with Israel. The people who make up and support these factions remember that every round of negotiations with Israel ends with a massacre as punishment for refusing Israel’s demands. They already know that regardless of the lies Abbas will tell, or what promises he makes, knowing that he cannot deliver anything, the Palestinian people must prepare to fight, and to survive more crippling and devastating pressure, resulting from the schemes Israel and the traitorous Arab governments will employ to deny Palestinians statehood, the right of return, and anything of meaning, and only transfer.

This also explains why Israel is desperate for the US to impose crippling sanctions on Iran, going so far as to request that the US attempt to blockade Iran to prevent Iran from being able to move its ships outside the Persian Gulf, should Iran decide to come to the rescue of the Palestinians. Israel realizes that the only thing that can foil its wicked plan is the Islamic movement and it is working desperately to do what it can to prevent any of the countries or groups that have taken an Islamic position on the crisis in Palestine from coming to Palestine’s assistance. With the approval of the Arab League for Israel’s final solution, communicated slyly as its “approval” of indirect talks between Abbas and Israel, Israel feels that its future as a Jewish only state that has captured all of historic Palestine is finally within sight. If it can either neutralize or defeat Syria, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas and the other resistance groups in Palestine, its dream of complete capture and control of historic Palestine, and normalized relations with its traitorous Arab neighbors will have come true. If this scenario plays out as Israel hopes, all of the murder, torture, lies and violations of the law will have paid off and perhaps forgiven or ignored by a world that is weary of this problem and perhaps willing to take whatever solution it can get, even at the expense of Palestinian life, rights, hopes and homeland.

There is no peace in Palestine and none will be found until Abbas resigns, the PA is dissolved and the people of Palestine allowed to elect their own representatives and to present to the world, their own demands for freedom for Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation. No amount of fake negotiations will lead to peace, in fact everything that is now being put in place by the US, EU, Israel and the traitor Arab states will be a cause for war. It will be war because Israel and the traitor Arab states will never again be left to torture and torment the Palestinian people as the world looks on and does nothing. Neither will they be allowed to transfer the Palestinians to Jordan. Israel and its lackeys east and west, have miscalculated the strength of those who are determined that Israel will not succeed, and that the blood, hopes, lives, homes and the rights of the Palestinian people, will not be a casualty of Israel’s sick and demented fantasy of greater Israel and a Jewish only state, nor a casualty of the religious fanaticism of the Christian wrong who are attempting to force the world into Armageddon, or their cowardly sycophants in the governments of the EU and the US.

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