Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why every Muslim must become the Islamic resistance

Anisa Abd el Fattah

With the people of the world continuing to ignore the plight of the Palestinian people, who are continuously suffering due to the results of an illegal and brutal military occupation, and as the international institutions and Arab, and Western governments continue to ignore Israel’s violence and repeated violations of international law, it is becoming increasingly clear to Muslims and Arabs throughout the world, that we must become the Islamic resistance that we dream of.

The truth is all too apparent, that the Arab governments and the international institutions are not going to address the very serious problem of Israeli aggression and violations of international laws in respect to Palestine. They are also never going to help Muslim and Arab people in our struggle for human rights and freedoms in our own countries. The truth is that as far as the world is concerned, Muslims and Arabs have no rights, and our lives, as far as they are concerned, have little or no value.

Israel has launched an intense crackdown on the Palestinian people. PA aggression against the Palestinian resistance, under the guidance of traitors and collaborators such as former PA President Mahmoud Abbas, is no longer a secret. Abbas, who is filled with selfishness and envy and his European trained Palestinian anti-resistance force, have crippled the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank, leaving the people defenseless against the almost daily violence of Zionist Jewish settlers. This campaign against the resistance has been helped in Gaza by Egypt's Hosni Mubarak who worked diligently to cripple the resistance in Gaza by blowing up tunnels, and preventing the people from having food and other materials essential for normal lives, including electricity that has been shut off in many areas. Never forget that it was Hosni Mubarak who trapped the people of Gaza and prevented them from escaping three weeks of massacre carried out by Israel, that left 1,500 Palestinians dead, 500 of whom were women and children. Now Jordan is also rounding up pro-Palestinian activists and making it a crime to protest or even to write in support of the Palestinian people. Will we wait until everyone is behind bars, or dead before we act?

When we speak of these illegitimate governments, we are not talking about decent human beings who are interested in peace as they claim. They are liars and they are the only ones who are making war, and they are making war against unarmed, and starving, defenseless people because they are not Jews. These animals are liars and hypocrites and mass murderers who feel that they have crushed the Islamic resistance by killing and imprisoning members of Islamic and Muslim groups and organizations in Palestine. We are talking about ruthless and godless animalistic men and women who can do anything cruel and horrible to achieve their goals.

For Israel, the goal is to dominate the Muslim world and to reign as master over its people and resources. For the wicked and corrupt Arab dogs that facilitate Israel, their goals are merely to stay in power and to be protected by the US and Israel from being exposed, and held accountable for the crimes against humanity and human rights violations they perpetrate against their own people. They don't want the world to know that they torture, rape and sodomize prisoners, and disappear people to prevent criticism and to shut down opposition. They are also afraid that one day they will be held accountable for the billions in US foreign aid they have squandered. They live like kings while the Muslim and Arab people in their countries are mostly illiterate and live in gross poverty, and are denied even basic rights in many places.

The time has come for Muslims to stop looking at the Muslim world through the eyes of the colonialists who carved up the Muslim territories and who imposed their authority through the appointment of hand picked secular and atheist puppet governments and monarchies that are illegitimate and unjust rulers of what used to be the Muslim empire.

It is time for us to remember, that in our world, there are no Palestinians, or Jordanians, or Iraqis, or Egyptians, or Muslim Americans, or Lebanese, Iranians, etc., etc, etc., and that we are all Muslim. We must remember that along with God, we are all that we have. And as we remember this, we must unite in heart and soul, and we must become the Islamic resistance that we dream of. The time has come to end Muslim suffering and to demand freedom and justice for our people. This is why we, meaning every Muslim, must become the Islamic resistance. We must work tirelessly to free our people and our lands from all illegitimate governments, oppressors, tyrants and occupiers. We must do so according to Islamic laws, and in ways that are just, and without hatred. We must do so, with complete trust in God.

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