Friday, April 30, 2010

Death of a two state solution could give birth to a free Palestine

Anisa Abd el Fattah

Now that a noted and respected academician, Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, has suggested that a two state solution is dead, and that the result of that death will be the birth of Greater Israel as an apartheid state, we are free to stop wasting our time analyzing and hoping to improve upon and return to Oslo, and the idea of a negotiated end to the illegal occupation of Palestine.

It has been clear to most analysts for many years, and even pronounced on numerous occasions by the political leaders of the occupation administration, that there would be no Palestinian state allowed to co-exist side by side with the Jews envisioned Jewish Only state. For some reason, Arabs saw great merit in the Oslo formula for peace, even though it did not guarantee the establishment of a Palestinian state as an end result of a successful peace process. Indeed all along the Oslo path, it was very clear that the occupation was expanding on the ground, as it falsely spoke of peace. Even more importantly, after every failed round of so called negotiations, the Palestinians would be punished with various massacres and other acts of violence intended to cull the number of Palestinians, and also to further intimidate them, in preparation for the end game, which was always to be a single Jewish only state where the Palestinians would be allowed to exist in limited and controlled numbers, for the purpose of providing cheap labor.

For some reason, perhaps wishful thinking, many people confused the idea of peace in respect to Oslo, with the idea of freedom. The occupation has never offered the Palestinian people freedom. It has offered them quiet co-existence, but only according to the type of co-existence that is prescribed by the Talmudic law. That law suggests that Palestinian citizens of a Jewish only state are second, or even third class citizens whose purpose, as was reported by a noted Rabbi, would be to serve the Jews. In other words, not only does the one state solution from the Zionist perspective mean victory for Zionism whether over the long or short term, it also means absolute defeat for the Palestinians. Just as the American pioneers defeated and led the Native Americans off to reservations to die, so too the Palestinians will be allowed to live in their reservations, defeated and humiliated after years of struggle against a brutal and illegal occupation.

The prospect of the establishment of Greater Israel is of course completely unacceptable to most Muslims, and we can expect that there will be Muslims who will be willing to mount resistance against it. Yet, based upon past performance, we might anticipate that for the secular Arab nationalists leaders and monarchs, so long as they can continue to rule over their people in some capacity and to continue to be paid through either foreign aid, trade schemes, etc., the idea might not be so bad. In fact, it would not be much different from the way in which they co-exist with the occupation today. The only difference might be that rather than hiding their secret arrangements for normalized relations, and trade, they can complain to their people that the newly established Jewish state is in fact a done deal that all must accept and accommodate. With some groaning, it will be accepted as an accomplished fact and with very little resistance, to the extent that some of the financial rewards trickle down to pacify the people, as Israel has promised. There does not seem to be any way to attribute, or any reason to expect either integrity or good judgment on the part of the Arab leaders. There is absolutely no reason to expect that they will act on principle and stand with those Palestinians and Muslims who will resist being defeated in this way.

It is also important to note, that there is no reason to accept the idea that the death of a two state solution can only result in greater Israel as an apartheid state. The truth is, that the death of the two state fake peace process scheme, can result in freedom for Palestine, if the Palestinian people are ready psychologically and spiritually for what will perhaps be the most difficult push against the occupation in the history of the occupation.

It will require that they abandon not only the rhetoric of the status quo and its insistence that Israel exists as a legal entity with a supposed special right to exist, and that what is happening is merely a land dispute that is being resolved by the natural selection of a better armed, more powerfully supported Jewish entity. The Palestinians will have to create their own narrative and it cannot in any way yield in even the slightest way to either accommodation, or appeasement of the occupation and its enablers. The people must prepare to fight and to possibly die in pursuit of their freedom. We must admit the likelihood that no amount of disinvestment or boycotts will be allowed to weaken Israel, and the UNSC will never impose sanctions upon Israel. At best, BDS will prevent the business buzzards from profiting from the illegal occupation. The US and EU will subsidize any loss that Israel might experience from divestment, so in reality, the people of the US and EU are the ones who will be punished by BDS and that might be appropriate, but not very helpful to the Palestinians in the short term, which is when Israel will make its push to take control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, annexing them as part of Greater Israel.

The Palestinian narrative, in direct contradiction to the Zionist narrative must deprive the anticipated Jewish only state of all legitimacy, and it must stand boldly upon the law. It cannot capitulate in any way to the idea of co-existence or the supposed right of Israel to exist. It must reject completely the lie that Israel was established as an act of justice to a Jewish people who are reclaiming a lost land based upon a fake promise from God. It must reject the British mandate as a fraud and theft, and demand justice and an end to US and EU unconditional financial and military support for a criminal enterprise and genocide. It must insist that the occupation exists in violation of international laws and treaties, and must also seek to criminalize those who support the illegal occupation, just as the occupation and its enablers have sought to criminalize all support for Palestinian freedom.

The people of the Arab and Muslim world must adopt this narrative and must live by it, refusing normalized relations of any type with the occupation or the Jews anywhere. This is another area where boycott can be effective, if it is a boycott of Jewish products being sold in Muslim countries. The people must accept that we are at war not only with a people, but with an idea and that idea is Greater Israel which is supported by a majority of Jews from throughout the world.

We must never accept the idea of a Jewish only state, or Greater Israel and the subjugation of the Palestinians as slaves living as third class citizens within that state. It will require that the Palestinian refugees dispersed throughout the Arab and Muslim world, become more involved and active as participants in the Palestinian resistance and it will require that Muslims everywhere, just as Jews everywhere, recognize that we are at war, not for land as they are, but for freedom. The war is for freedom of these, and for all other peoples living under occupation. The Zionists are fighting for land, but the Palestinians and the conscientious people of the world who support them will resist in pursuit of justice and freedom, not only for Palestinians but also for those who we know will soon fall prey to this same challenge, as the imperialists, emboldened by success in Palestine, intensify their drive to take over the Muslim and Arab world and also the resources, including the people of the region.

The death of the two state solution could give life to a free Palestine, but only if the people of the world decide that Palestine must be freed. We must decide to end this illegal occupation that is threatening to use brute strength to capture and enslave an indigenous people based upon a false narrative that has been used deceptively to convince the world that an illegal and criminal enterprise has been imposed upon us by a Jewish god that has supposedly enslaved Gentiles to serve these supposed chosen people. A chosen people whose society is overrun with organized crime, prostitution, human trafficking, government corruption, and the guilt of innocent blood, spilled without conscience, or consequence. We, meaning the entire world, is at a crossroads, and we must decide now, that Palestine will either be free, or lost forever to Greater Israel, a criminal apartheid state. If we decide that Palestine should die, be prepared, because there will be no hope for Africa, or Latin America or any of the other small countries with coveted land and resources. The battle for Palestine will be the last battle for freedom in our time. Decide now to win or surrender.

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