Monday, May 17, 2010

With the Name of God

National Association of Muslim American Muslim (NAMAW) calls for prayer vigil to break the illegal siege on Gaza. and free Palestine. Vigil dates to coincide with journey of freedom flotilla.

May 17, 2010

God says in the Qur’an, “The unbelievers are protectors of one another. Unless you this, (protect one another) there will be tumult and oppression on the earth and great mischief” (Holy Qur’an 8:73).

The Qur’an also teaches us that our prayers are a source of protection for one another. God told the prophet Muhammad (sa) that his prayers are a source of protection for the believers. Whereas we are not prophets, our righteous prayers, when prayed as the prophet prayed, also serve as a protection for the believers.

The city of Gaza in Palestine has been under an illegal and inhumane economic embargo, imposed by Egypt and the colonial Zionist occupation forces in Palestine for nearly 3 years. Egypt and the Zionist occupation forces have been aided and abetted by the likes of the so called Palestinian Authority and other Arab and also Western European countries and institutions that have refused to stop the criminal blockade. Even though more than 500 people, mostly suffering from chronic disease, have died as a result of this blockade, not even the UN Security Council has been moved by its own charter to put an end to this blatant crime against humanity, and the International Courts have also turned a blind eye, ignoring the tremendous suffering of the people of Gaza.

On May 15th the first of nine ships carrying humanitarian aide as well as building materials for the reconstruction of Gaza, left Ireland, headed for Gaza. It will meet and accompanied by 8 other ships, among them ships from Turkey, Algeria, carrying along with aid and assistance, delegations from the US and other Western countries as well as many noted personalities, statesmen, women and activists from throughout the world. The anticipated arrival date for the flotilla to reach Gaza’s shore is May 27, 2010.

The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) is calling upon those who will not go to Gaza, to support this effort with a vigil of night prayers offered on behalf of Gaza and the freedom flotilla. We will be petitioning God each night, from May 18th through the 27th, or whenever the freedom flotilla arrives in Gaza. We will ask God to end this criminal siege on Gaza now. We will petition God to end the occupation of Palestine now, and to free Palestine. We will also be petitioning God to protect the ships and passengers who have set sail for Gaza, in obedience to His command to the believers, to answer the call of the weak, the oppressed, and those who are not able to free and protect themselves from the evil satanic forces and their followers and patrons without our help.

Our prayer vigil will begin at 12:00am, EST, May 28th and continue until Fajr, or the Morning Prayer. Please feel free to customize your individual or communal vigil to fit your own schedule if necessary. Some of us will take a break from 2:30am to 3:30am and then continue prayer at 3:30 am, until Fajr. Whether you pray in congregations or groups in the mosques or privately as groups and/or individuals in your homes, centers, etc, it does not matter. What matters is that we have the niyah to free Palestine, to end the illegal occupation, to lift the siege on Gaza, and to protect the freedom flotilla, the people, the ships and their cargo, and make them reach Gaza safely and return home safely.

We invite believers of other faith traditions to also conduct prayer vigils to end the siege on Gaza, and to protect the freedom flotilla, free Palestine and end the occupation. Please pray on our schedule, or feel free to set your own according to what is convenient for you. That we pray in unity on these nights is an act of unity from the believers in a righteous cause and action.

May Allah accept our intentions and supplications and facilitate us. May He protect and save us from the tricks of our enemies and the satanic forces who will attempt to prevent our prayers in any way they can, whether through satanic attacks of jinns and demons, sleepiness, sexual desire, other lusts, fatigue, forgetfulness and by other means unknown to us, but known by God. May God allow His angels to descend on these nights to protect and comfort us, keep us awake and keep us company, lead our prayers and pray with us. May every created thing unite with us in prayer for Gaza and all of Palestine. May God silence the tongues of the wicked, foil their schemes and plots and destroy the wicked jinn who assist them and with whom they have taken league for protection, and render all of their deeds ineffectual. May Allah protect and guide the freedom flotilla ships, the people and their cargo, send His angels to journey with them, to calm the seas and command them, in the name of the One God, to serve this righteous cause. Ameen.

“Those who believe and adopt exile, and fight for the faith in the cause of God, as well as those who give them asylum and aide, these are all in very truth the believers. For them is forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous” (8:75).

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